Downloading all those beautiful
photos and videos made easy!

Be it photos/videos from your feeds or your uploads or your favorites, you get them all; neatly packaged and easy to select, deselect or for viewing. With a single click of a button you can download the entire loaded media or you can select specific media that you would like to download

Like checking out a public profile but don't want to follow it?

We always have that particular profile which we often visit but at the same time don't want to follow it. Adding a profile to your favorites on DownGramer won't push a follow request on Instagram. How cool is that? Ssssshh! No one would ever come to know about it ;)

Integrated image viewer for profiles!

With an integrated image viewer you can see all those awesome photos in the best resolution available on Instagram.

How does it work?

  1. Download the application from the links given below.
  2. Click on Authorize button (if you are a first time user). If you have already authenticated and saved tokens from previous request you may click on the Continue button.
  3. If you click on Authorize button then you will be redirected to the application page on Instagram for authentication. After succesfully authenticating the app, you will be redirected to a link where-in a code will be shown. Copy that code and paste it in the textbox that appears in the application. Once the authentication is confirmed you will be prompted to either continue or save your tokens.
  4. The window that pops up shows your feed, your uploads, feeds from people whom you have added in your favorites, currently popular media, downloads and search.
  5. You can search for people by clicking on Search. This will open a layover in which you can enter a person's name. You add the user to your favorites by left clicking the mouse on the respective tile. If you right click on it, then that person's profile will pop up. However, only public or followed profiles can be added to the favorites.
  6. You can select specific tiles to download as well. Once you are done with your selection you click on Download button on the title bar.
  7. You can download the entire loaded feed by directly clicking on the Download button. However, for this to happen make sure that you haven't selected any media.
  8. For changing the image and video downloads destination you can click on the respective buttons on the title bar.
  9. That is it. It's that simple! Happy Downloading :)
  10. For help of any sorts, contact me via these

your Instagram & media are secure; always - 24x7 :)

Unlike other Instagram media downloading mechanisms, a zip file is created on the third party servers and then it is made available for download. Not in DownGramer's case. Everything you download, is available right on your personal computer. This application doesn't save your personal data on any third party servers.

Implicit Authentication

Server side implicit authentication as recommended by Instagram has been used for user authentication. No one would have an access to your access tokens except you, which you can choose to save. It won't force anything on you! :)

Unlimited Media Downloads

With a single click of a button, you can download all the media showing on the screen. If you feel like cancelling any on-going download, just head to the downloads section and click on the tile. Sweet & Simple!


Even though the application as a whole is quite simple, small customizable options have been integrated into it. And Oh! it's gonna stay updated. DownGramer might bug you with small notifications for updates.

Download from the following awesome sources

This application won't have the rights to follow, like or post any comment.